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Camden Catholic High School
Route 38 & Cuthbert Blvd.
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If any classmate wants to share a photo of themselves in the Photos section of this website, including a photo with their families, friends or pets, or involved in a hobby,  interest or just vacationing, just email it to me with a short description.  If you are in the Cherry Hill area and would like me to stop by and take a photo during a family event, a visit, or any special occasion, just let me know.

Email: Len Campbell


We have 3 very talented performers in our class, Neil Arot, Steve Croce and Joe LaMaina.  Anytime any of them are performing locally, it's a great excuse for an informal class reunion!  Classmates and alumni from all classes are welcome to check their gig schedules below and attend the events!

A summary of upcoming gigs can be found HERE.


Neil Arot and his Collins Flynn Band.  News article is posted:  HERE 


Check the CCHS Class of 1976 facebook page for Steve's upcoming gigs:

Joe plays in 2 bands:

Love Alive:

King-Lam Duo:

REMEMBER WHEN:  Car Accident Then Beating Camden - October 18, 1975
News Article:  HERE

REMEMBER WHEN:  Winning Field Goal and Fights - November 15, 1975
News Article:  HERE


REMEMBER WHEN:  John Curro Smashes Situp Record - April 25, 1974
News Article: 



Head Football Coach Jim Delaney Dies at 83
Coach Jim Delaney being honored at the Camden Catholic Hall of Fame ceremony on April 25, 2009.

Philadelphia Inquirer article on our recently deceased head football coach, Jim Delaney, with interviews of Pat O'Brien, Bill Tambussi and Coach/Health Teacher Phil Petitte can be found



Steve Croce was recently interviewed on Power Your Life Talk Radio with Dr. Jo Anne White

Steve's interview can be forund here:



Rev. Msgr. Robert T. McDermott "Fr. Bob"

July 19, 1942 – February 17, 2019






Fr. Bob's Obituary can be found HERE.    Be sure to refresh your internet brower once you are on the obituary page to see the most current obituaries, photos and videos.


Left:  Fran Perno with his employees at their Christmas Party
Right:  A recent photo of Fran and his wife Lana



Pete Castellucci with his son Nicholas who was leaving for the Air Force base in Aviano, Italy in November 2018.


Bishop Dennis Sullivan Ordains Mike Bortnowski To Permanent Diaconate

A recent article can be found:



Date: Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018
Place: Reserved room at Tir Na Nog Kitchen & Irish Pub,  482 E. Evesham Rd., Cherry Hill
****More Details to be provided

CCHS '76 Reunion Committee
Peggy Testa Messina
Neil Arot
Angelo Breaux
Margie Francescone Slenn
Tom Ward
Tony Messina
Patricia Massimini Delany
Carol D'Aversa Sweeny
Jim Jenkins
Mike Kenney
Noreen Errigo Hoff
Maria Basidas Fox
Jim McDevitt
Maria Delgado Pontani
Debbie Morrison Means
Anna Newell DeMarco
Len Campbell



Steve Croce as Detective Hal Graves starring in "Highlighters."


Official Trailer for "Highlighters"



Classmates at Eagles' Pre-Season Game vs. Jets

Tony Brady (far left), Angelo Breaux (back row, 2nd from right) and Jim Jenkins (far right) together on Aug 30, 2018 at Lincoln Financial Field.



Classmates Visiting Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Aboard Maid of the Mist in August 2018.  From Left to Right: Bob DiMedio, Terry Lynch DiMedio, Peggy Testa Messina,  Tony Messina, Cyndi Jones Griffiths, Kevin Griffiths  [Thanks for the photos Peggy.]





Bob DiMedio proudly displays his first tomato of the season.  [Thanks for the photo Terry!]



Classmates Drew McMahon, Kevin Iepson and Frank McCall at Bobby Ray's Tavern in Pennsauken on March 10, 2018.  [Thanks for the photo Frank.]



Date: Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017 from 7:30 p.m. to Midnight
Place: Reserved room at Uno Pizzeria & Grill, 2803 Rt. 73, Maple Shade, NJ
Each classmate can run their own tab (alcohol & food)
****More Details to be provided

CCHS '76 Reunion Committee
Peggy Testa Messina
Neil Arot
Angelo Breaux
Margie Francescone Slenn
Tom Ward
Tony Messina
Patricia Massimini Delany
Carol D'Aversa Sweeny
Jim Jenkins
Mike Kenney
Noreen Errigo Hoff
Maria Basidas Fox
Jim McDevitt
Maria Delgado Pontani
Debbie Morrison Means
Anna Newell DeMarco
Len Campbell

Anne Monaco Gomez
Debra Dunner DiFilipo
Rose Messina Krawiecki
Cyndi Jones Griffiths
Renny Guida
Janet LaFreda Hopkins
Lori Guidara O’Neil
Beth Dewane +1
Pete Centanzo +1
Bill Fitzpatrick +1
Anne Monaco Gomez +1
Carol D'Aversa Sweeny
Chris Mecca
Kevin Masson
Joyce Kirk Zuccarini
Grace Viggiano Kopp
Fred Picknally +1
Dianne Lanutti Mancini
John Martines
Debbie Morrison Means
Paul Schumacher
Anna Gianni DiEleonora
Johanna Fanelle Shirk
Kristine Krajicek Brooks
Michelle Tomasso
Jim Jenkins
Carrie Lyn May
Pat O'Brien
Jim McDevitt
Tony Messina
Margie Francescone Slenn

Julio Perez +1
Noreen Errigo Hoff
Tom Ward
Mike Kenney
Mike Carn
Bill Morrison +1
Peggy Testa Messina
Neil Arot
Angelo Breaux
Len Campbell

Kevin Griffiths (CCHS '75)
George Moore (CCHS '75)
Rich Tischian (Pennsauken HS)
Joe Yaniak (CCHS '75)
Mary Smith Yaniak (CCHS '76/CHW '76)
John Kelleher (CCHS '77)
Chris Kasiack Wilson (CCHS '75) +1
Dawn Kelsel (CCHS '75) +1
Mim Nasuti (CCHS '77)
Elaine Mignone (CCHS '77)
Donna Downs (CCHS '77)
Francine Augelli (CCHS '77)
Brenda Bianchi Isakson (CCHS '74)
Rob Morris (St. Peters Merchantville '72) +1
Jim Drinkard (Pennsauken HS '76) +1
Tom Strohlein (CCHS '76/Pennsauken HS '76)
Jeff Semple (Pennsauken HS '76)
Tom Semple (Pennsauken HS '76) +1
Sharon Riley (CCHS '77) +1
Kathy Curran (CCHS ' 77)
Lorraine Semple Getz (Pennsauken HS)


Left to Right: Tony Messina, Tom Robinson, Joe Nardi, Janet Brutschea Haugen, Bob DiMedio, Terry Lynch DiMedio


Neil Arot and his Collins Flynn Band.  News article is posted:  HERE

The Collins/Flynn band will perform (   ):

Pennsauken Community Picnic Celebration
Pennsauken Community Recreation Complex , Westfield and Bethel Avenues, Pennsauken, NJ
Sunday, Aug 27, 2017 from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The 2nd Annual Third Floor Adult Live Cafe' Coffee House with The Collins/Flynn Band
Moorestown Recreation Center - 3rd Floor Cafe
North Church and W Third Street, Moorestown, NJ 08057
Friday, Sept. 15, 2017 from 7:30 p,m, to 9:30 p.m.

Joe DiPietro was named Head Softball Coach at Incarnate Word.  News article is posted:  HERE

Paula Krebs was named the Modern Language Association's Executive Director.  News article is posted:  HERE


Mike Bornowski (2nd row, 3rd from right) completed training in Stephen Ministry.  News article is posted:  HERE

Bill Tambussi is inducted into the International Academy of Trial Lawyers.  News is posted:  HERE

Rugters Law School honors Carmen Garcia.  News article is posted:  HERE

Camden Catholic HS Class of 1976 Mini Reunion!!!!!!!!

Date: Saturday, March 11, 2017, 8:00 p.m. until Midnight

Place: Curran’s Irish Inn, 5 West Broad St., Palmyra, NJ

Cost: $10 per person (pay at door)

Entertainment: Neil Arot and his Collins/Flynn Band (rewind to the 1960s playing everything from the Beatles to the “One Hit Wonders.”)

Food included: (for 2 hours from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.) We’re planning on having hoagies, wraps, mozzarella sticks, salad, domestic draft beer & wine


CCHS '76 Reunion Committee
Peggy Testa Messina
Neil Arot
Angelo Breaux
Margie Francescone Slenn
Tom Ward
Tony Messina
Patricia Massimini Delany
Carol D'Aversa Sweeny
Jim Jenkins
Noreen Errigo Hoff
Maria Basidas Fox
Jim McDevitt
Maria Delgado Pontani
Debbie Morrison Means
Len Campbell

Our Class Facebook Page for this Event: HERE!

Our Class Facebook Page:

South Jersey Biz names Dennis Martin a member of South Jersey's Power 50.  News article is posted:  HERE

AllRisk posts tribute to Dean Ragnone:  HERE

Chief Financial Officer Janet Brutschea Haugen retires from Unisys.  News article is posted:  HERE

Federal Aviation Administration recognizes Dan Deeley:  News article is posted:  HERE



Our 40th Class Reunion took place on September 24, 2016.  Photos and video of the event can be found here:

40th Reunion - Planning

40th Reunion - Photos Part 1



To see MORE photos from classmates, go to the Photos section of the Class Website on the menu toolbar above.


If you're a member of the Camden Catholic Class of 1976, please join our facebook group HERE.




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The 1976 Yearbook can be downloaded HERE.


Joann Bonanni Dickinson

July 8, 1958 - February 18, 2017


On July 8, 2017, classmate Joann Bonanni Dickinson passed away. Her obituary can be found HERE.



Kevin Iepson partipating in the 2016 "Golfing for Champions Tournament" benefiting the Foundation For The Developmentally Disabled at the Forest Glen Golf & Country Club in Naples, Florida on September 24, 2016


Curtis Fisher

July 24, 1957 - September 2, 2016


On September 2, 2016, classmate Curtis Fisher passed away. His obituary can be found HERE.


Craig Frates

September 20, 1957 - February 9, 1990


[Craig's passing was recently confirmed.]



Neil Arot and his Collins/Flynn Band performing at the Trinity Episcopal Church's Blueberry Festival in Moorestown on June 17, 2016.  [Thank you Maria Bastidas Fox for the photo.]



Joseph T. Fallon

1952 - March 5, 2016


On March 5, 2016, Joseph T. Fallon passed away.  He was Chairperson of the Music Department and a music tearcher at Camden Catholic from 1974 to 1979.  His obituary can be found HERE and the Joseph T. Fallon Memorial Concert Program can be found HERE.


Tim Kelly

June 24, 1958 - February 12, 2016



On February 12, 2016, classmate Tim Kelly passed away.  His obituary can be found HERE.


Cynthia Ann "Cindy" Pessano

March 10, 1958 - January 21, 2016



On January 21, 2016, classmate Cindy Pessano passed away.  Her obituary can be found HERE.


CHECK IT OUT!!!!!  The Camden Catholic Alumni Association has launched a new website at:

    If any classmates are planning a get-together and are inviting other interested classmates to join them, just email me information about the anticipated event and I'll post it.  Examples might include a ski trip, camping trip, a day at the shore, a trip to New York City to attend a Broadway Show or the Atlantic City Casinos.

Len Campbell




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Noreen Rieck Nixon

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Steve Parrino

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     The purpose of this web site is to provide contact information to those of us who graduated from Camden Catholic High School in 1976.  Please be sure to forward me your updated email addresses and the email addresses for any classmates whose email addresses are not listed on the Class web page so that I can keep the web page current.  Please also forward me information on classmates that have passed away.  In order to help prevent unsolicited email ("spam") from being sent to members of our class, "mailto" tags (which make email hyperlinks) have purposely not been included on this web site.  This helps prevent spammers from using webcrawling software to retrieve our email addresses for spamming purposes.  To email a classmate, simply copy and paste an email address into the address window of your email program.  To find the latest additions and revisions to the list, look for flashing "NEW" blinkers ()on the Class web page.  Special thanks goes to Peggy Testa Messina, Angelo Sinesi, and Dean Ragone for continuing to provide me with new email addresses of classmates.  I have also created a similar class list (here) that has been optimized for classmates finding this website when using various search engines.  

     The Faculty & Staff web page contains the names the names of all faculty and staff members who worked at CCHS during the 1975/1976 school year.  The web page is periodically updated with new and changed email addresses and to report deaths among the former faculty and staff.  Special thanks goes to Sr. Pat Kenny, R.S.M. for updating me on information about former faculty.

     Any important class announcements will be posted on the Announcements web page.  The Announcements web page will also include information on classmates and faculty members that have passed away.

     The Links web page contains links to school and classmate related web pages.  Please feel free to email me the addresses ("URLs") of your personal, family, photo album and work related web pages.  The Links web page also contains links to news and information for those who now reside away from the Cherry Hill area.

     This web site now includes a Memories section containing web pages for Memorabilia, Yearbook Recollections, and a Sports Scorecard.  The Memorabilia web page contains links to class-related memorabilia which have been scanned and converted  to images by using Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional resulting in Adobe Portable Document "PDF" files.  This file format allows for reasonably quick downloading of the linked items, quality viewing, and printing options.  The Memorabilia web page currently contains program booklets for the Senior Awards, the Commencement Exercises, and the Graduation Mass.  If anyone has class-related memorabilia which is not listed on the Memorabilia web page, please email me so that we can arrangements for me to scan your items to make them available on this web site.  The Yearbook Recollections web page contains words, phrases, and thoughts that were common to our class during our senior year and that had been compiled in our yearbook.  The Sports Scorecard section of this web site includes CCHS sports results of all boys' and girls' varsity sports during the 1975/1976 school year including Varsity Football, Boys' Varsity Basketball, Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Baseball, Cross Country, Golf, Boys' Bowling, Track, Girls' Varsity Hockey, Girls' Varsity Basketball, Girls' Varsity Softball, and Girls' Bowling.

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     Please feel free to email me any comments or suggestions with regard to this web site.

Len Campbell



Many classmates discovered our Class of '76 Website after entering their names into a internet search engine such as Google.  In order to increase the likelihood that other classmates will find our Class of '76 Website in the same manner, the entire list of classmates has been set forth below including possible nick names, married names and maiden names:

Brian Ahern, Janet Alpiser, Janet Andrecola, Neil Arot, Brian Atkisson, William Atkisson, Linda August, Linda Meade, Thomas Badaracco, Tom Badaracco, Joseph Baratta, Joe Baratta, Maria Bastidas, Maria Fox, Robert Baylor, Rob Baylor, Bob Baylor, Frank Berckman, Frances Bertolino, Franny Bertolino, Franni Bertolino, Fran Bertolino, Frances Farrell, Franny Farrell, Franni Farrell, Fran Farrell, Carleen Bierschenk, Carleen McCarthy, Richard Bilodeau, Rick Bilodeau, Rich Bilodeau, Ricky Bilodeau, Joann Bonanni, Sandra Borreggine, Sandi Borreggine, Sandra Campbell, Sandi Campbell, Michael Bortnowski, Mike Bortknowski, Joan Bowers, Joan Zarych, Daniel Bowler, Dan Bowler, Anthony Brady, Tony Brady, Angelo Breaux, Kathleen Brennan, Kathy Brennan, Geralyn Broome, Gerry Broome, Linda Bruno, Janet Brutschea, Janet Haugen, Jan Brutschea, Jan Brutschea, Gisela Camalleri, Gisela DeSumma, Leonard Campbell, Len Campbell, Lenny Campbell, Skip Campbell, Skippy Campbell, Dianne Caniglia, Dianne Kestenbaum, Anita Cantera, Anita Tracy, Evelyn Capone, Evelyn Hultz, Michael Carn, Mike Carn, Peter Castellucci, Pete Castellucci, Peter Centanzo, Pete Centanzo, Judy Collepardi, Herbert Cole, Herb Cole, Daniel Colofranson, Dan Colofranson, Marisa Colon, Forrest Comfort, Joseph Cooney, Joe Cooney, Carolyn Cooper, James Coppola, Jim Coppola, Edward Cornely, Ed Cornely, Michael Cotton, Mike Cotton, William Crean, Will Crean, Willy Crean, Bill Crean, Billy Crean, Stephen Croce, Steve Croce, Janet Cucinotta, Jan Cucinotta, Charles Cummings, Charlie Cummings, Chuck Cummings, John Curro, Carol D'Aversa, Carol Sweeney, Gerald Davies, Gerry Davies, Daniel Deeley, Dan Deeley, Michael Deighan, Mike Deighan, Maria Delgado, Maria Pontani, Claude DeShields, Theresa Devaney, Terri Devaney, Terry Devaney, Theresa Rumaker, Terri Devaney, Terry Devaney, Patrice DeVlieger, Pat DeVlieger, Patty DeVlieger, Patti DeVlieger, Patrice Maro, Pat Maro, Patty Maro, Patti Maro, Beth Dewane, Joyce DiBartolomeo, Joyce Siddall, Phillip DiCarlo, Phil DiCarlo, Anthony DiCinno, Tony DiCinno, Stephen DiCiurcio, Steve DiCiurcio, Robert DiMedio, Rob DiMedio, Robby DiMedio, Bob DiMedio, Bobby DiMedio, Allen DiNunzio, Al DiNunzio, Joseph DiPietro, Joe DiPietro, Annamarie DiRocco, Annamarie Langenhan, Cynthia Disipio, Cyndi Disipio, Cyndy Disipio, Bernadette Donato, Bernadette Simonetti, Theresa Dougherty, Terry Dougherty, Terri Dougherty, Theresa Devlin, Terry Devlin, Terri Devlin, Christine Duffy, Chris Duffy, Christine Lodge, Chris Lodge, Patricia Dunn, Pat Dunn, Patti Dunn, Patty Dunn, Patricia Fulton, Pat Fulton, Patti Fulton, Patty Fulton, Debra Dunner, Deb Dunner, Debby Dunner, Debbi Dunner, Debra DiFilipo, Deb DiFilipo, Debby DiFilipo, Debbi DiFilipo, Michael Dymond, Mike Dymond, Margaret Egan, Marge Egan, Margie Egan, Acey Elsey, Noreen Errigo, Noreen Hoff, Margaret Esola, Marge Esola, Margie Esola, Margaret Baran, Marge Baran, Margie Baran, Marybeth Ettore, Marybeth DiPietropolo, Joseph Falcone, Joe Falcone, Linda Falconiero, Linda Robinson, John Fandetta, Johanna Fanelle, Johanna Shirk, Dean Fillari, John Fingerhut, Curtis Fisher, Carla Flippen, Joanna Florio, Thomas Flynn, Tom Flynn, Kathleen Fogarty, Kath Fogarty, Kathy Fogarty, Kathleen Totti, Kath Totti, Kathy Totti, James Foley, Jim Foley, Linda Foradori, Stephen Fox, Steve Fox, Deborah Frain, Deb Frain, Debbi Frain, Debby Frain, Margaret Francescone, Margie Francescone, Margaret Slenn, Margie Slenn, Kim Frank, Kim Mazzochette, Kim Frank, Craig Frates, Deborah Frattura, Deb Frattura, Debby Frattura, Debbie Grattura, Eric Frisbie, Frank Gallagher, Bart Gambardello, Carmen Garcia, Anna Gianni, Anna DiEleonora, Anthony Giletto, Tony Giletto, Daniel Gillies, Dan Gillies, Louis Giorgi, Lou Giorgi, Kathleen Gizara, Kath Gizara, Kathy Gizara, Kathleen Dukakis, Kath Dukakis, Kathy Dukakis, Rochelle Gizinski, Maria Gonzales, Reynold Guida, Renny Guida, Loretta Guidara, Lori Guidara, Loretta O'Neil, Lori O'Neil, Karen Hak, Karen Bell, Charles Hall, Chuck Hall, Albert Hallowell, Al Hallowell, Evelyn Hargrove, Eddie Henderson, Edward Henderson, Ed Henderson, Reginald Hilton, Reggy Hilton, Reggie Hilton, Richard Hinkle, Rich Hinkle, Rudnick L. Holmes, Rudnick Holmes, Michel Hopkins, Mike Hopkins, Christian Horn, Chris Horn, Janis Horn, Jan Horn, Margaret Hurley, Marge Hurley, Margie Hurley, Margaret Mack, Marge Mack, Margie Mack, Mary Iapalucci, Mary Palais, Kevin Iepson, Sandra Intelicato, Sandi Intelicato, Sandy Intelicato, Virginia Irwin, Ginny Irwin, Ginni Irwin, Virgina Boyles, Ginny Boyles, Ginni Boyles, James Jenkins, Jim Jenkins, Lisa Johnson, Lisa Foy, Raymond Johnson, Ray Johnson, Teresa Johnston, Terri Johnson, Terry Johnson, Cynthia Jones, Cyndi Jones, Cynthia Griffiths, Cyndi Griffiths, Rosemary Karbach, Rose Karbach, Rosemary Foley, Rose Foley, John Kehoffer, Donna Kelly, Donna Connelly, Timothy Kelly, Tim Kelly, Joseph Kenney, Joe Kenney, Mary Kenney, Michael Kenney, Mike Kenney, Henry Kimsey, Joyce Kirk, Kathleen Klagholz, Kath Klagholz, Steven Klauder, Steve Klauder, Jane Kline, Jane Mebs, Paul Kostek, Kristine Krajicek, Kris Krajicek, Paula Krebs, Karen Kulak, Janet LaFreda, Jan LaFreda, Janet Hopkins, Jan Hopkins, Joseph Lamaina, Joe Lamaina, Diane Lanutti, Diane Mancini, Deborah Leach, Deb Leach, Debby Leach, Debbie Leach, Deborah Bortnowski, Deb Bortnowski, Debby Bortnowski, Debbie Bortnowski, Donna Leusner, Donna Siegel, Phillis Loscalzo, Janis Lyle, Jan Lyle, Janis Haaf, Jan Haaf, Theresa Lynch, Terri Lynch, Terry Lynch, Theresa DiMedio, Terri DiMedio, Terry DiMedio, Carla Magazino, Cynthia Magni, Cyndi Magni, Cynthia Sabol, Cyndi Sobol, Kathleen Magnin, Kath Magnin, Kathy Magnin, Kathleen Lautenbacher, Kath Lautenbacher, Kathy Lautenbacher, John Mahoney, Jack Mahoney, Joseph Maro, Joe Maro, Dennis Martin, Joseph Martin, Joe Martin, John Martines, Robert Martucci, Rob Martucci, Bob Martucci, Patricia Massimini, Pat Massimini, Patty Massimini, Patti Massimini, Patricia Delany, Pat Delany, Patty Delany, Patti Delany, Kevin Masson, Donna Mattia, Carolyn May, Carolyn Essel, Joseph Mazzochette, Joe Mazzochette, Maryann McCabe, Maryann Gillen, Frances McCall, Frank McCall, Fran McCall, Patricia McCann, Pat McCann, Patty McCann, Patti McCann, Patricia Simalchik, Pat Simlchik, Patty Simlchik, Patti Simlchik, Mary McCarthy, Mary May, James McCoy, Jim McCoy, Josephine McCracken, Josephine Popelak, Joseph McDermott, Joe McDermott, James McDevitt, Jim McDevitt, Ann McGrath, Bradley McGroarty, Brad McGroarty, Earl McGuffin, Dana McGuire, Dana Waida, Joseph McGuire, Joe McGuire, Rosemarie McInerney, Rose McInerney, Rosemarie Hoyt, Rose Hoyt, Vincent McLaughlin, Vince McLaughlin, Vinny McLaughlin, Andrew McMahon, Drew McMahon, Kathy McTaggart, Kathleen McTaggart, Christopher Mecca, Chris Mecca, Anthony Messina, Tony Messina, Rosemarie Messina, Rose Messina, Rosemarie Krawiecki, Rose Krawiecki, Susanne Miazga, Sue Miazga, Susanne Bower, Sue Bower, Cathy Mignone, Cathleen Mignone, Cathy Coppola, Cathleen Coppola, Eileen Moffett, Eileen Craig, Felicia Mojta, Anne Monaco, Anne Gomez, Kathy Morris, Kathleen Morris, Deborah Morrison, Deb Morrison, Debby Morrison, Debbie Morrison, Deborah Means, Deb Means, Debby Means,Debbie Means, William Morrison, Bill Morrison, Patricia Musick, Pat Musick, Patty Musick, Patti Musick, Marianne Naddeo, Joseph Nardi, Joe Nardi, Robert Navins, Bob Navins, Gary Nayler, Ann Newell, Ann DeMarco, Robert Norris, Rob Norris, Bob Norris, Michael Nowlan, Mike Nowlan, Ann O'Brien, Ann Marie O'Brien, Nancy O'Brien, Ann Singer, Ann Marie Singer, Nancy Singer, Patrick O'Brien, Pat O'Brien, Dennis O'Donnell, James O'Donnell, Jay O'Donnell, Georgia O'Kane, Mark Onofrio, Paula Paoli, Stephen Parrino, Steve Parrino, George Parsons, Hilaire Pehlert, Julio Perez III, Francis Perno, Fran Perno, Cindy Pessano, Dan Petitta, Daniel Petitta, Fred Picknally, Fredrick  Picknally, Robert Powitsky, Bob Powitsky, Robert Prate, Rob Prate, Bob Prate, Dianne Pund, Dianne O'Brien, Arthur Quaranta, Art Quaranta, Anne Querubin, Dean Ragone, Nancy Ragone, Nancy Howell, William Reilly, Bill  Reilly, Mary Renz, Mary Milideo, Joanne Ricciardi, Marianne Richard, Marianne Kahn, Noreen Rieck, Noreen Nixon,  Eric Riley, Patricia Robel, Pat Robel, Patty Robel, Patti Robel, Thomas Robinson, Tom Robinson, Eileen Rogers, Michael Rosito, Mike Rosito, William Rourke, Bill Rourke, Loren Ryder, Ronald Sammeth, Ron Sammeth, Laurence Scappa, Larry Scappa, John Schetter, Susan Schneider, Sue Schneider, Susan DiNunzio, Sue DiNunzio, Paul Schumacher, Riccardo Sciarra, Rick Sciarra, Roseann Scicchitano, Teri Scott, John Sharp, John Shaw, P. Mitchell Sherman, Mitchell Sherman, Karen Signorello, Karen Conlon, Angelo Sinesi, Haidee Singer, James Slattery, Jim Slattery, James Solimeo, Jim Solimeo, Susan Sorbicki, Sue Sorbicki, Thomas Stametelos, Tom Stametelos, Gregory Stanisce, Greg Stanisce, Kathy Stehm, Kathleen Stehm, Nancy Stilley, Nancy Liberati, Kathy Sullivan, Kathleen Sullivan, William Tambussi, Bill Tambussi, Donna Taormina, Donna Costa, Peggy Testa, Peggy Messina, Karen Teufel, John Tokolish III, Michelle Tomasso, Michelle Costa, Jeffrey Torno, Jeff Torno, Elisa Tosti, Elisa Nicolaci, Andre Turner, Joseph Tursi, Joe Tursi, Marilynn Uliase, Marilynn Dobberfuhl, Abel Vaccaro, Cris Vaccaro, Michael Vassey, Mike Vassey, Heriberto Vazquez, Herb Vazquez, Eileen Vespe, Eileen Willis, Grace Viggiano, Grace Kopp, Nancy Villafane, Susan Vogel, Sue Vogel, Susan Brown, Sue Brown, Thomas Ward, Tom Ward, Michael Ware, Mike Ware, Selina Waters, Bernadette Watson, Debra Whelan, Deb Whelan, Debby Whelan, Debbi Whelan, Debra Horbachewski, Deb Horbachewski, Debby Horbachewski, Debbi Horbachewski, Barbara White, Barb White, Donna White, Donna Stanisce, Eileen Wilkins, Barry Wilson, Barbara Yeager, Barbara Conforti, Dennis Zannoni


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